Celebrating Our Environmental Achievements at WDHS!

WDHS is thrilled to announce our new collaboration to recycle disposable sterilisation wrap and patient privacy curtains, leading the way to a greener future for health services across the country!

Did you know? Surgery at our Hamilton campus produces two garbage bags of sterilisation wrap for every Theatre patient. But now, thanks to a collaboration with Sustainable Plastic Solutions (SPS) and local disability employment service Are-able, we’re turning this waste into opportunity!

Initiated by WDHS Sustainability Officer, Heinz de Chelard, this project is a collaborative effort involving WDHS Hotel Services, the Are-able team, and innovative local recycling company Sustainable Plastic Solutions.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Clean sterilisation wrap is collected and sent to Are-able, where the heat tape is carefully removed.
  2. The stripped sterilisation wrap is then processed by Sustainable Plastic Solutions into high-grade resin beads, ready to be used in various applications.
  3. This not only prevents waste from ending up in landfill but also creates local employment opportunities.

But that’s not all! We’re expanding our recycling efforts to include patient privacy curtains. With the help of Are-able, we’re removing hanging clips made from different plastics before recycling the curtains, further reducing our environmental footprint.

Thank you to everyone involved for your dedication to environmental stewardship!

Join us in making a difference! Together, we can build a more sustainable healthcare system and a cleaner planet. Let’s recycle and reimagine the future, one step at a time. 💚🌍

📸Picture caption: Nigretta of Hamilton site manager, Jamie Lynas; Nigretta of Hamilton employee, Meg Lewis; Sustainable Plastic Solutions R+D and quality, Elisha Nettleton; Nigretta of Hamilton employee, Craig Francis; Hamilton Hospital environmental sustainability officer, Heinz de Chelard; and Nigretta of Hamilton employee, Tracey McCalman.

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