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The WDHS Drive-thru closed, effective Thursday 13th October 2022.

The pandemic declaration ended at 11.59pm on Wednesday, October 12. Victorians are no longer required to isolate after testing positive to COVID-19, however, isolation for positive cases is still ‘strongly recommended’ for 5 days from the day of the positive Rapid Antigen test.

We ask that the community continue to Rapid Antigen (RA) test if they are unwell or are experiencing new respiratory symptoms. RA tests are available at their local shire office, local pharmacies and supermarkets.

Test before surgery?

Pre-surgery patients are asked to do a Rapid Antigen (RA) test prior.

If your condition worsens, please call 000 or attend our Emergency Department. Please call 5551 8222 and ask for the Emergency Department ahead of your arrival so that our practitioners can be prepared for you.

If you would like further information about Covid 19 visit Better Health Channel website

 It is no longer a compulsory requirement for staff members, VMOs, students, and volunteers to do a Rapid Antigen Test every 72 hours.

However, if a staff member, VMO, student or volunteer has new respiratory symptoms they are required to do an RA test.


Thank you for visiting the WDHS COVID-19 Vaccination page.

You can book your vaccination at the following locations:

Hamilton Medical Group – Call (03) 5572 2422

Winda-mara – Call – (03) 5527 0090

Coleraine Medical Clinic – Call (03) 5553 2045

Hamilton Family Practice – Call (03) 5572 5592

James Dean Pharmacy – Call (03) 5572 2116

Robson’s Pharmacy – Call (03) 5572 1388

For more information regarding vaccinations visit:


Positive RA results

If a staff member, VMO , student, volunteer or contractor returns a positive RA test result, they must immediately:

•advise their department head;

  • stay at home for at least 5 days from the onset of symptoms (returning day 6) and until acute symptoms have resolved.
  • Asymptomatic cases (e.g. close contacts undertaking a test) should stay home for at least 5 days (returning day 6) from the date of taking a positive test.

A staff member is to re-commence RA testing 4 weeks after COVID infection.

Negative RA Results

If a staff member has a negative RAT but still has new respiratory symptoms they must not return to work, but should:

  • Collect a self-testing kit for COVID-19 & Respiratory viruses PCR from the ED
  • Self-swab according to the instructions inside the kit.
  • Do not swab in your workplace, or within the hospital confines.
  • Return the kit to the ED staff.
  • Results for COVID-19 are conveyed via text message.
  • Results for respiratory viruses’ test are conveyed via phone by IP&C staff (usually the same day or day after the COVID-19 result).
  • If results are due over the weekend please contact the AH Coordinator.

Please note – you cannot return to work until you receive clearance for both results

WDHS no longer requires negative RA results to be submitted via WDHS’s online reporting form.

Where to get your RA test kits

The free RA tests are available to collect from your Department Head.

If you have any queries in relation to this program, please contact your Divisional or Department Head.

Staff exemption from isolation

In order to ease the pressure of staff shortages, Healthcare Workers are exempt from COVID-19 isolation under certain circumstances.
The exemption applies to household or household like contacts who have spent more than 4 hours with someone who has COVID-19.
The household or household like close contact exemption applies to WDHS staff:
• Who have no symptoms;
• Who agree to work during their quarantine period; and
• Who have not tested positive in the previous 7 days.
• have been granted an exemption by the Chief Executive

The staff member requesting an exemption MUST:

  • Perform a RA test for 7 days form the day the contact tested positive.
  • Wear an N95mask at all times whilst at work.
  • The mask cannot be removed in the presence of others.
  • Meal breaks must be taken alone, preferably outside, where mask removal is permitted for the duration of the break.

If at any time the WDHS staff member develops symptoms or tests positive to a rapid antigen (RA) or PCR test, the exemption no longer applies.

Staff already working from home (under a WDHS-approved Working from Home plan) are not required to apply for an exemption.

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