Western District Health Service provides other support services to our aged community members. Services available include:

Aged Care Placement Coordinator
District Nursing Service
Home Care Packages (HCPs)
Hospital in the Home (HITH)
Meals on Wheels
Palliative Care
Respite Care
Social Support Group

Aged Care Placement Coordinator

The Aged Care Placement Coordinator provides information and placement services including respite to all aged care facilities at Western District Health Service. The Coordinator also provides information and support for families approaching the decision of placement. Clients may be referred to appropriate services if required such as HACC services, DVA, and Day Centre.

An assessment by the Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS) must be completed before you can be accepted into an aged care facility. You can find out further information on the Admissions or from the Coordinator.

Some considerations when thinking about moving into an aged care facility include nominating a power of attorney or a guardian. A power of attorney is a legal document that appoints someone else (the attorney) to act on your behalf in matters of money, property and medical issues. You can make what is called an enduring power of attorney by stating in it that you intend it to continue to be in effect even if you become ‘of unsound mind’.

In the event that you are unable to make decisions about your personal affairs and there is no family (or other) support available, a guardian may be appointed by a State or Territory Government to act on your behalf.

For further information about these see Application for Respite Care or Permanent Entry to Aged Care Homes. It is available at the website below.


No referral is required, however if you have a current ACAS assessment please bring a copy with you.

1 Source: Department of Social Services. Application for Respite Care or Permanent Entry to Aged Care Homes. Last accessed: 12 October 2017. Accessed from: https://www.dss.gov.au/ageing-and-aged-care-for-providers-forms/application-for-respite-care-or-permanent-entry-to-aged-care-homes


Assessment for Admission into Aged Care Facilities
All new residents into aged care facilities must be first assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Services (ACAS). ACAS are independent teams who assist frail older people and their carers identify what kind of care will best meet their needs. Assessment teams are multi-disciplinary and can include health professionals such as medical officers, social workers, nurses, occupational therapists and physiotherapists.

They conduct comprehensive medically based assessments for those needing community services or aged care residential services. They assess for all restorative and potential care options.

For an older person to access Commonwealth funded residential care, residential respite, Home Care Packages (HCPs), Extended Aged Care in Home (EACH) packages or flexible care, they must first be assessed as eligible by ACAS at the appropriate level – high or low care.

Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS) – South West

Contact details
C/- Lyndoch Living
Phone: (03) 5561 9351
Fax: (03) 5561 9355

Operating Hours:
8.30am – 5.00pm, Monday – Friday

Other services are listed on the Department of Social Services – My Aged Care:

Further information about the admission process can be discussed with the Aged Care Placement Coordinator.


Home care packages

What is a Home Care Package?

A Home Care Package is a government funded program designed to support older Australians to continue living safely and independently in their homes for a long as it is safe and appropriate to do so. A Home Care Package uses a consumer directed care approach to enable to Care Recipient to receive the required services within the home to support their individual needs and goals.

How much government funding can I get through my package?

Government funding amounts are determined by the level of package you have been assigned.

Home Care Package levelDaily government subsidy rateFortnightly government contribution 
Level 1$28.14$393.96
Level 2$49.49$692.86
Level 3$107.70$1,507.80
Level 4$163.27$2,285.78

What will it cost me?

There are two types of fees which are determined by Services Australia. You are expected to pay these fees towards the cost of you care if you afford it.

Basic Daily Fee

Western District Health Services does not charge a basic daily fee.

Income Tested Care Fee

Some people may also have to pay an income -tested care fee. Whether you pay it, and how much you pay is determined through a formal income assessment with Services Australia. If you have to pay this fee, there are annual and lifetime limits on how much you can be asked to pay.

For more information on fees please visit www.myagedcare.gov.au or phone 1800 227 475 to initiate a pre acceptance income tested care fee letter.

What care and services can you receive?

Depending on the level of the Home Care Package you receive and your assessed goals and needs, you may be able to get assistance with a range of different services. These could be:

  • Personal care
  • Social support
  • Transport to appointments
  • Home help
  • Meal preparation, and
  • Gardening

An assessment by the Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS) must be completed before you are allocated a Home Care Package. Please contact My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 to arrange an assessment.

Please contact (03) 555 18189 or email wdhshomecarepackages@wdhs.net to enquire about choosing Western District Health Service as your Home Care Package Service Provider.

Respite care

Respite is available at all aged care facilities at WDHS. It provides short-term care on a planned basis and sometimes in an emergency, for example, to help if your carer needs to go away.

Prospective residents, together with family and carers are invited to visit their preferred facility before making the decision to become a resident. Please make an appointment with the Unit Manager in order to view the home and meet with the staff to discuss your care requirements. The Unit Manager will be able to assist you and your family with any questions or concerns.

An assessment by the Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS) must be completed before you can be accepted into the service.

Booking a Place
Admission to all WDHS facilities is managed by the Aged Care Placement Coordinator. For further information or to make a booking please contact the Coordinator on (03) 5551 18189

What to Bring
At least two week prior to your first respite admission, you should contact the Unit Manager at the facility where you will be staying, to organise a pre-admission interview.

If you are self-medicating, please provide a letter from your GP to say you may continue to self-medicate while you are at respite. Alternatively you should bring your current medications in a Webster Pack, your current Long Term Medication Chart from your GP and a letter regarding any current health concerns.

Before leaving home contact all of your community services to inform them of your planned respite admission and discharge dates so your services can be suspended until you return home.

An ACAS assessment must be completed before admission

Last updated: 05 September, 2023

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