This service is supported by Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) funding from the Australian Government Department of Health, as well as Home and Community Care Program for Younger Persons   (HACC PYP) funding from the Victorian Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS)

Physiotherapists assess, treat and prevent disorders of human movement. These can be a result of birth defects, disease, ageing or injury to muscles, joints, bones or nerves.  A physiotherapist’s approach is very much hands-on and we work in partnership with the client to re-establish normal movement and function using manual therapy, various therapy devices, training and exercise.

Physiotherapists also assess and treat problems relating to the function of your heart, lungs and bladder, and can provide advice about reducing the risk of preventable ‘lifestyle’ diseases

Our physiotherapists apply the ‘Wellness’ model as part of our client care and will spend time providing education and guidance to help you maximise your general health and wellbeing. This will include the development of a care plan for clients with more complex needs. We may also refer you to other services for additional care if required. Our prime focus is to return people to the highest possible level of function and safety

The physiotherapy department provides services free of charge to any patient who requires physiotherapy whilst they are admitted to any of the Western District Health Service facilities.


All clients attending the Hamilton clinic are to report to the Hamilton House Allied Health Centre (entry on Tyers Street) prior to their appointment.  New clients are requested to attend their first appointment 15 minutes early to enable us to record or update your details.

Therapy services are also provided at the Penshurst and Coleraine campuses of WDHS.  Physiotherapists are present for only a few sessions per week at both the Penshurst and Coleraine campuses – hours of operation can be confirmed by contacting the appropriate campus


Outpatient physiotherapy services are provided at the Allied Health Centre. Treatment is by appointment only.  All enquiries and bookings should be made with Coleraine and District Health Service: Tel 03 5553 2000


Outpatient physiotherapy services are provided at the Shepherd Community Centre. Treatment is by appointment only.  All enquiries and bookings should be made with Penshurst and District Health Service: Tel: 03 5552 3000

Exercise Physiology

Exercise physiology services are provided at Hamilton House Allied Health Centre (entry on Tyers Street). An initial visit to the Exercise Physiologist includes revisiting client’s comprehensive history of medical conditions, setting goals and formulating an exercise program either clinical or home-based, individual or group that will be directed towards attaining client’s goals.


Internal referrals via Trakcare

External agencies via SCTT or VSRF (preferred).

Electronic referrals are accepted via email:

Faxed referrals to: ‘Physiotherapy Department’ 03 5551 8548

Start Staying Stronger

Last updated: June 2023

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