Committees of the Board

Finance and Audit Committee

Advises the BOD on all aspects of internal and external audits, financial and asset risk, accounting procedures, financial reporting, and compliance with statutory requirements. Jim Bailey and Jason Bourke were the external Committee representatives in 2018-19. The Committee received internal audit reports regarding compliance with Financial Management Compliance Framework and the share portfolio treatment of equity investments under AASB 9. It reviewed the status of recommendations from audits conducted of the processes and procedures of Western District Health Service, along with Victorian Auditor General’s Office reports and recommendations. The Committee was kept informed of the progress of the revaluation of all non-current physical assets conducted in 2019 along with any accounting standard updates and the progress of compliance with standards, including Leases, Revenue and Service Concession Arrangements, along with all other legislative requirements. Notification was presented of the compliance with the Standing Directions of the Minister for Finance particularly relating to the Centralised Banking System. Five meetings were held during the year.

Clinical Appointments Advisory

Advises the BOD on appointments, reappointments, suspensions and terminations of visiting medical practitioners and hospital medical officers and issues related to the credentialing and scope of practice of nurses and allied health workers. Meetings are traditionally held twice per year however with transitioning to E Credentialing they are held on an as required basis.

Medical Consultative Committee

Makes recommendations on matters relating to medical staff and clinical services provided and to ensure effective interaction and communication between members of the Senior Medical staff, the Board, senior management and the Medical Staff Association on all medical aspects of health care and other relevant matters.  Four meetings were held during the year.

Quality and Safety Committee

Provides support and direction for continuous quality improvement and performance monitoring. Ensures systems are in place for internal / external review. Topsy Baulch was the community representative. Six meetings were held during the year.

Western District Health Service Fundraising Committee – formerly Development Council

Oversees and guides the WDHS fundraising strategy. The Council operates in compliance with the Fundraising Appeals Act 1998. Community representatives for 2022 were Carly Behncke, Coby Brewis, Leesa Iredell, Julie Hunt, Anna Robertson and Vicki Whyte. In October 2021 Vicki Whyte was appointed Chair of the Development Council. In December 2021 in February 2022 the council changed its name to the Western District Health Service Fundraising Committee to better reflect their position within the organisation. In May 2023, community representative Rebecca Doheny joined the Fundraising Committee.

Penshurst (PDHS) Advisory

Reviews the operation, performance and strategic planning of the Penshurst campus. Community representatives were Don Adamson, Lucy Cameron, Peter Besgrove (Board representative), Tom Nieuwveld, Wendy Williams, Anna Watson and Trevor Godenzi. Six meetings were held during the year.

NCFH Board of Management

The NCFH Board of Management reviews the operation, performance and strategic planning of the Centre. Deakin University representatives in 2017-18 were Professor Catherine Bennett and Professor Jon Watson. Four meetings were held during the year.

Remuneration Committee

Oversees and sets remuneration policy and practice for Executive staff, under the principles of the Government Sector Executive Remuneration Panel. One meeting was held during the year.

Community Advisory

Provides consumer views and advice to the Board on planning, implementation and evaluation of health services. Community representatives were Skye Grigg (until February 2019), Pastor Rick Penny, Topsy Baulch, Ian McIntyre (from Sept 2018) and Pamela McLeod (from May 2019). Six meetings were held during the year.

Coleraine (CDHS) Management Committee

Reviews operation, performance and strategic planning for the Coleraine campus. Community representatives were Kim Chintock, Alan Millard, Kate Milne, Sharon Mowatt (appointed October 2018), Narelle Ness, Shannon Raymond.  There was one Youth Board Observer on the Committee – Tayla Ness (term expired December 2018). WDHS BOD representatives were Greg Walcott (until October 2018), Ian Whiting (from November 2018).  Five meetings were held during the year.

Project Control Group

The function of the Project Control Group is to oversee and monitor the progress of specific capital projects, with particular emphasis on the scope of works, the works program, quality, cost, expenditure and completion of projects to meet service needs of consumers. Ten meetings were held during the year.

Community 4 Youth Board (C4YB)

The purpose of the Community4Youth Board is to address the needs of young people in the Southern Grampians Region. The Board works collaboratively and in partnership to achieve outcomes and provides young people with valuable experience working in a formal board setting. The Board discusses improvements WDHS can make to ensure young people are accessing the services they need. The C4YB encompasses the Hamilton FReeZA Committee assisting in event planning and training. Four meetings were held during the year.

The Community representatives were: Ben Hunter, Emma Nicholas, Karen Walsh, Melanie Russell, Paul Walsh, Susan Kimber. Student representatives were:

Monivae College –Tahlia Grant, Tynan Shannon, Louis Beaton, Vania McCaskill, Bella Cutchie, Lily Annett

Good Shepherd College – Shannen Wedding, Jonothan Rentsch, Belle Strickland, Claire Schultz

Hamilton and Alexandra College (HAC) – Isabella Bradbeer, James Sutherland, Reagan Simons, Kate Millear, Claudia Roberts, Sami Zehir 

Baimbridge College – Daniel Battista, Harley Addinsall, Chandler Baker-Joseph, Leah Gardiner, Ksenija Gilchrsit, John Garland, Liam McCallum

Parklands School – Bailey McGennisken, Brittney Bray

Aged Care Governance

The Aged Care Governance was established as a board sub-committee in March 2019. The primary function is to assist the Board of Management to lead and assure high quality, safe and innovative aged care services across Western District Health Service (WDHS). Leaders of the health service organisation have a responsibility to the community for the continuous improvement of their services by ensuring that they are customer centred, safe, high quality and innovative. Two meetings were held since March 2019

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