Consumer and Friends Service Network

What is the goal of the Consumer and Friends Service Network?
Consumers play a key role in the care we provide. We will use this forum to seek input into how we deliver care that is safe and high quality, the way we plan our services, and how we connect with the community. Broadly, we may seek advice on upcoming changes, look to identify service or information gaps, or be looking for feedback into consumer centred training.

The Consumer and Friends Service Network will be:

  • Informal forums held every 3 months
  • Attended by current (or recent past) users and/or their carers
  • Focused on topics of interest to carers/consumers and to WDHS. Forum attendance will be encouraged from the particular users of the service being discussed
  • Forums will run for 1 ½ hours and time will be set aside for comments and general feedback. Topics for discussion for future forums will be determined with feedback from consumers/carers

What is my role?

We will send out an invitation before every forum that includes the main topic for discussion and some background information. There may be some light reading about the topic for you to have a look over, or perhaps some prompting questions to get you thinking about what you might like to share.

How will my feedback be used?
A report from the forums will be provided to those services to which it is relevant, as well as being presented to the Consumer Advisory Committee, which provides advice to the Board of Management. Details of what changes were made based on the feedback from consumers will be sent out with the invitations, to keep you up to date on the impact of your feedback. We cannot guarantee that any particular piece of feedback will be acted upon, but we seek feedback so that it can be considered.

Do I have to attend every forum?
No. You will receive an invitation to every forum but you can choose which you would like to attend. We encourage you to come if you want to contribute.

What if I can’t attend a forum but would like to give feedback?
If you are unable to attend, please get in touch with the Community Liaison to discuss another way of providing feedback.

What does it mean to ‘join’ the Network?
If you choose to join our Consumer and Friends Service Network, your details will be added to our membership register. You will be invited to Forums, informed of updates and advised of any other relevant events.

How is my personal information treated on the membership register?
We treat your personal information in strict confidence. It is used only for the purposes of contacting you with respect to gaining your feedback, inviting you to forums and discussing feedback that you may provide to us.

How can I opt out?
Please email or phone the Community Liaison to have your name and details removed from the membership register at any time.


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