The Social Work Department provides a confidential service to inpatients, outpatients and community based clients.  Services include:

  • Counselling and support
  • Referral and liaison
  • Assistance and information
  • Advocacy

The Social Worker provides counselling and support for in-patients and their family and carers in relation to issues associated with illness, adjustment, making difficult decisions, grief and loss, crisis intervention, disability and hospital care. Appropriate referrals for ongoing counselling are made to community agencies wherever necessary.

The Social Worker also provides information and support and links inpatients, outpatients and people in the community with the hospital services, community services and resources and other agencies in the community. We also provide information about Centrelink, TAC, Work Cover payments and services, accommodation and housing options.

For social workers, taking on an advocacy role generally means acting on behalf of the patient or their family within the community, giving people a voice and assisting them to determine their own outcomes and solutions, providing a communication link for patients and their families with the hospital system as well as other external agencies.


Referrals are accepted for inpatients via TrakCare. Outpatient referrals are accepted from other health/community related agencies and direct from the community.


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