The processes for professional registration are constantly changing and it is important you check the information directly with the relevant registration board.  You are also welcome to contact us to request further advice and we will assist where we are able.

Hamilton Base Hospital

Potential immigrants need to be aware the costs associated with gaining your professional registration are not generally covered by WDHS.  In some cases, these costs can be considerable.  In addition registration can take up to four(4) months with some professions.  You should commence your application for registration as soon as you consider immigrating to Australia.  Intending new graduates can apply prior to completion of their Australian degree.

Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency
Australian Medical Council
Australian Physiotherapy Council
Australasian Podiatry Council
Australian Dental Council
Australian Occupational Therapy Board
Australia’s Health Workforce Online

Police Checks
WDHS has a duty of care to its employees, clients and the public to ensure a safe environment.  Part of this duty includes taking reasonable steps to ensure that the criminal record of a Western District Health Service employee does not put at risk the safe environment of the Service.

All new employees are responsible for obtaining and paying for their own pre-employment National Police Certificate, which should be provided prior to commencement.  You may not be able to commence work at WDHS without a current police check.  WDHS will not accept a police check that is older than twelve months and requires all staff and volunteers to reapply every three years for a new police check.

You can obtain a national police check from the Victoria Police website.

Working with Children Checks (WWCC)
To comply with the Working With Children Act 2005, all persons engaged by WDHS whose paid or volunteer work is in connection with one of the occupational fields listed in the Act and who have regular, direct and unsupervised contact with children will require a Working With Children Check.

The child related occupational fields that pertain to WDHS are the paediatric ward, counselling and other support services for children.  Hence all staff and volunteers whose regular work is in connection with areas of WDHS that provide treatment to children, and who are not directly supervised whilst working in these areas, will require a WWC Check.

The WWC is conducted in addition to the National Police Record Check.  You will be advised if you are required to obtain a WWCC.  Please contact the People, Culture & Development Department if you have any queries regarding the need for a WWC.

To apply and for more information visit Department of Justice and Regulation.

Drivers licence
A current Victorian drivers’ license is required by persons engaged by the Service whose role requires them to work at various locations for WDHS business, and a fleet vehicle is used.  An international Licence or interstate licence may not be used after the first three months.

Credentialing Requirements
Some professionals require formal credentialing by the Director of Medical Services who will define your scope of practice while working at WDHS.  These include all medical staff,  physiotherapists conducting acupuncture or similar invasive work, podiatrists conducting surgical work and other health professionals that may be engaged in invasive work.

If you are required to complete further credentialing you will be advised.

Last updated: 4th February 2022

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