2024 Western District Health Service Graduate Nurse Program

Program overview

This 12 month program commences on Monday January 29th 2024.

The Graduate Nurse Program is designed to help the Graduate Nurse transition from student to Registered Nurse and it is recognised by WDHS as an opportunity to:

  • Develop clinical competence, confidence and skills while being supported by clinical educators, preceptors and transition to practice team.
  • Support the development of professionalism and collaborative practice
  • Creation of an environment that allows reflective practice and application of lifelong learning strategies.
  • Facilitate the advancement to independent practitioner.

WDHS offers graduates the opportunity to work in a rural setting where the breadth and diversity of services and case-mix provide a rich learning environment. For many, this is a time during which important lessons are learned and lifelong friendships are formed.

Support available

Grad Nurses at WDHS

Graduate Nurse Coordinator
Clinical Nurse Educators
Clinical Support Nurses
Clinical and non-clinical staff
Orientation time
Supernumerary time
Paid Professional Development days
Access to Elearning programs
Internal in-service programs

Information sessions

A Zoom facilitated information session will be offered on Wednesday, September 20th from 10:30am – 11:30am.

Interested candidates are encouraged to contact the Graduate Nurse Coordinator jessica.barry@wdhs.net for a link and password for zoom sessions or for more information.


How to apply

Grad Nurses at WDHS

Applications for Graduate Nurse positions are currently open for the 2024 program.

  1. You will also need to submit your application for the WDHS Graduate Nurse Program listed on the WDHS Careers page

Documents required for application

Cover letter (1 page)
Letter should be addressed to: Ms Jessica Barry

A concise Curriculum Vitae (CV – 3 pages or less)
– please include a list of dates and organisations where placements have been undertaken during Undergraduate Studies.

Academic Transcript
Please note we understand that this will not yet be complete.

Three Clinical Placement Reports
We require the entire document preferably from an acute placement in final year. We understand that you may not have completed 2 final year placements so please forward a second-year placement report from an acute placement if needed.

Referees (3)
You will need to nominate three (3) referees as part of your application. Please provide name, position, email and phone contact details for each referee.

Key criteria

Sound level of knowledge and skill relating to nursing care and the clinical environment appropriate to the position.

Commitment to ongoing learning and the ability to accept constructive feedback and appropriate direction.

Ability to set goals and objective and meet deadlines as required.

Commitment to working as part of a team and the ability to work collaboratively with the multidisciplinary team.

Commitment to completing all requirements of the graduate nurse program continuing professional development.

Knowledge of contemporary nursing issues, trends and research.

Commitment to quality assurance and quality improvement activities.


Jessica Barry
Graduate Coordinator
Ph.: 03 55518342

Come work with us!

Last updated: October 2, 2023

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