Western District Health Service is committed to welcoming new staff and helping them settle in as soon as possible to enable them to become fully productive and engaged in the Service.  It is mandatory that all new employees attend the organisational orientation program to ensure that the new employee has an understanding of the organisational structure, the relationships between departments, and where to access the policies and procedures that will impact on their job.

Additionally, the orientation program will make the individual aware of current safety practices and educational programs in order to ensure a safe environment for clients and themselves.  All new employees should report to the Human Resources Department on their first weekday of work, to complete all relevant documentation. It is preferred that this occurs prior to the orientation day.  

Orientation is run once a month.

Nursing Orientation

In addition to the hospital orientation, all new nursing staff must attend a one day nursing specific orientation.  Staff will be rostered into the next program upon commencement. This day includes compulsory components of education including CPR and No Lift training.  New casual staff must attend both hospital orientation and nursing education orientation prior to commencement of ward orientation.

Orientation is run once a month following the hospital program.

Medical Orientation

All new medical officers are provided with an orientation program upon commencement.  A week program is provided for those who are contracted for 12 months, while a shorter program is facilitated for those on rotation.

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