The Physical Activity Programs provided through the Primary and Preventive Health Division comprise gentle, forty-five minute exercise groups for older people who want to improve their flexibility, coordination, muscle strength and balance in the camaraderie of a group.

Classes may use small weights and stretchy bands with all exercises designed to target all muscle groups. Participants are encouraged to work at their own pace, and exercises can be chair based or conducted with chair support.

Gentle exercise is shown to help with weight management, strength and endurance, heart and lung fitness, flexibility, and improve mental fitness. The exercise classes can be beneficial for people with osteoporosis, diabetes, heart disease and arthritis. Regular exercise can also increase an overall sense of well being and general fitness.

Click here to download the Physical Activity brochure.


You can join the Physical Activity Program classes by phoning the Frances Hewett Community Centre reception.

Click here to download the Pre-Exercise Questionaire.

We recommend that you seek your doctors’ approval before starting any exercise. 

Contact Details:

  • Phone: 5551 8476
  • Email:
  • Frances Hewett Community Centre, 2 Roberts St, Hamilton, VIC, 3300

Last updated: August 2023

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