The aim of Complex Care is to assist clients to remain healthy and safe at home for as long as possible.

Complex Care (formerly HARP) service assists people who:

  • have chronic heart disease,
  • have chronic respiratory disease,
  • have complex needs requiring care from a team of clinicians, and
  • are at risk of a hospital admission that may be avoided.

The role of the Complex Care service is not to take over the clients care, but to work with clients, carers, doctor and other health professionals to help the client understand and manage their condition.  Complex Care clients are usually seen by their Care Coordinator in the convenience of their own home or at the Complex Care office if preferred.  The Care Coordinator will

  • support clients when they have been discharged from hospital,
  • support clients with regular visits and phone calls,
  • help clients to learn how to manage and monitor their health condition(s),
  • provide information and links to other services, and
  • help clients stay at home.

To be eligible for this service you must be:

  • living in the Southern Grampians Shire
  • been in hospital or attended the emergency department in the last 12 months, and
  • at risk of having to attend hospital again


  • Acute Care via Trakcare
  • Primary Care via Electronic Service Coordination Tool Templates (preferable)
  • GPs & other health agencies
  • Self-referral from clients/community

Last updated: 30 June, 2022

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