Blood Transfusion

The administration of blood and certain blood products is often used to maintain / improve patient health and in some situations is life-saving.  WDHS has a comprehensive system in place, focusing on quality and safety, to provide this service to our patients.  The provision of this service is supported by the blood transfusion trainer.   

The role of a blood transfusion trainer is to promote staff awareness of blood transfusions, regularly check the blood transfusion process and promote patient rights when the transfusion of blood/blood products is being considered. Most important is the right to a full explanation about blood transfusions including risks and the right to either consent or refuse a transfusion/blood product once all the facts have been provided.

If you are in the position where you have to consider a blood transfusion for yourself or a family member, always ask your nurse or doctor if you have any questions or require more information before making a decision.

Links (Australian Red Cross Blood Service) (Blood Matters Program) (Blood Safe e-learning) (National Blood Authority Australia) (Australian & New Zealand Society of Blood Transfusion)

Referral: No referral is required.

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