New ECG for Coleraine District Health Service

A new ECG machine, valued at $8,000, has been purchased with funds raised at the 2023 Cocktails at the Course event.

The new machine represents a significant enhancement to ECG capabilities at Coleraine District Health Service (CDHS), allowing for more accurate and timely cardiac assessments for patients and residents.

The Mac 7 ECG machine provides quality monitoring of a resident or patients cardiac status. The new ECG also has inbuilt interpretative software that can guide diagnosis. Once the ECG is completed it can be sent to a doctor for review.

Mrs Bronwyn Roberts, Director of Nursing / Manager at Coleraine District Health Service says the ECG is an important upgrade for our Coleraine facility.

“We are so grateful to have this equipment to assist with clinical decision-making and to ensure the patient, or resident receives the right care, at the right time. It will potentially reduce Ambulance transfers and hospital admissions, allowing patients to be treated close to home, when appropriate,” she said.

We extend our gratitude to all Cocktails at the Course sponsors and the WDHS Fundraising Committee, whose contributions made this purchase possible.

Event sponsors recently had the opportunity to visit WDHS to see first-hand the impact of their support.

“The addition of the ECG machine underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional healthcare services at CDHS. We look forward to the continued support of our generous donors as we strive to enhance healthcare outcomes for our community,” Mrs Roberts said.


Amy Harman (Belfast Wealth Management), Dylan Evans (Groke), Lachlan Wark (CoggerGurry), Bronwyn Roberts (Director of Nursing / Manager Coleraine; Director Aged Care Services Coleraine / Penshurst), Shane Lenehan (Belfast Wealth Management), and WDHS Fundraising Committee Chair, Vicki Whyte.

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