Sub Acute Service

The aim of Sub-Acute care is to help patients regain optimal health and quality of life by restoring independence.  To achieve this, individualised patient centred care is provided from the Sub-Acute team with involvement of family and significant others encouraged.  The sub-acute team work together with patients towards goals that promote return to a normal lifestyle with maximum independence and community support. 
There are two streams of sub-acute care;


What is Rehabilitation?
Rehabilitation (or “Rehab”) is therapy to help patients recover all or some movement and function which was compromised due to a health condition. Rehab is different from hospital care when patients are unwell. In Rehab patients are physically well and expected to actively participate and work hard towards reaching goals.

GEM (Geriatric Evaluation and Management)  

What is GEM?
Geriatric evaluation and Management (GEM) is therapy which aims to achieve improvement in function of a patient with medical conditions related to ageing, such as tendency to fall, incontinence, reduced mobility and cognitive impairment. The patient may be unwell requiring some active medical involvement.

Inpatient amenities
Our modern facility includes six, large two bed rooms with ensuites, which were purpose built for Sub-Acute use (redevelopment completed and opened 2013).  The area has been designed to maximise opportunities to enhance patient independence and incorporates;

  • Daily living skills kitchen and activity room
  • Sheltered outdoor courtyard
  • Purpose built Gymnasium
  • Gait training walkway

“The ensuite was very user friendly.  It enabled me to have independence and to do more for myself earlier”
(Anonymous patient quote)

The Team supporting you
Care is planned and delivered by a team of health professionals which may include (depending on individual needs);

Consultant PhysiciansContinence Service
PhysiotherapistsDiabetes Educators
Occupational therapistsAllied Health Assistants
NursesAged Care Placement Coordinator
DietitiansHome Referral Service
Speech PathologistsCare Co-ordination
Social WorkerPharmacists

How do you access this service?

If you believe that you or a loved one could benefit from our inpatient service please seek personal advice from your local doctor or allied health professional (for example your physiotherapist or occupational therapist).  If agreed, they will be able make a referral for you by accessing the Health Professionals section of our site.

If an inpatient service is more than you need it may be worth considering our Outpatient rehabilitation program which is called “Health Independence Programs”.

Inpatients Services, 24 hours, 7 days/week

Allied Health Services, Business Hours,  Monday to Friday

The Sub-Acute unit is located within the Medical Unit at Hamilton Base Hospital.

Contact us:
Ph:  (03) 5551 8050     
Fax: (03) 5571 8572

Referrals can be submitted electronically

Refer online

For referrals from within WDHS please submit via TrakCare.

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