The Chronic Disease Management Program (CDMP) combines two programs: Pulmonary Rehabilitation and the Heart Failure Program.  Both of these programs are managed under the Complex Care Coordination Team.  It is designed to help people with chronic disease live and function more independently at home with a strong focus on self-management principles.  It is open to any client who has a chronic health issue, the acceptance into the program is determined by the Co-ordinator. 

Chronic Disease Management Program brochure

Internal referrals via Trakcare (only applicable whilst the patient is in hospital).
PPH / Shire Referrals via Service Coordination Tool Templates (SCTT). Receipt of referral will be acknowledged.
GP’s, Physicians or other community based services – via email, SCTT, the Victorian Statewide Referral Form or telephone. Receipt of referral will be acknowledged.
Self-referral by any member of the community.


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