Op Shop donates $100k to MRI project

The WDHS Opportunity Shop has donated $100,000 to the MRI cause, taking its total contribution to the hospital  over 80 years to $1 million.

Members of the Op Shop team joined WDHS Chief Executive, Rohan Fitzgerald on Wednesday to celebrate this significant donation and remarkable milestone.

“There are over a dozen hard-working volunteers who serve customers and manage clothing and other items donated to the shop each week.

Every year they are tasked with deciding where their hard earned funds should be spent at the Hospital. In October they agreed to get behind the MRI cause, deciding to make a significant donation to due to the importance of the project to the local community. We are so grateful for their efforts and support,” Mr Fitzgerald said.

Established over 80 years ago, this latest donation takes the total funds raised by the many wonderful volunteers who have kept the doors open at the shop since 1938 to a staggering $1 million.

“This is even more incredible when you consider that most of the items for sale in the shop are valued at $1 to $2. That’s a huge number of individual transactions over time.

This is one of the longest historical relationships we have had with any donor – what a wonderful legacy for the many faces who have supported the shop over decades.

Not only do the volunteers contribute to the community by raising funds for the hospital, but they also provide a wonderful service for people requiring low cost clothing and the shop also reduces waste and our overall environmental footprint.

We are incredibly grateful to the volunteers who turn up with a smile on their faces five days a week. It’s been a tricky and tough couple of years for anyone in retail, but they’ve been great sports and have continued to deliver this vital service.

A big thank you also to those who continue to donate items for the shop and come in to pick up a bargain.

Op Shop Volunteer, Shirely Schurmann says she loves working at the shop.

“We thoroughly enjoy working here, you make a lot of great friends, and get to know and build relationships with the customers.

It’s fun to be involved and great to know we are helping the hospital and the many people who come through our doors, some of whom really need us,” Mrs Schurmann said.

Mr Fitzgerald says the support received for the MRI for U&I Appeal so far has been phenomenal.

We are so grateful to the community for continuing to get behind the cause. The Appeal is on track to reach the million dollar mark by April, just 12 months since we launched, which is incredible.

We’re almost halfway there, so still have a way to go – if you have any fundraising ideas or would like to support the project, please get in touch with our Community Liaison team or MRI Sub-Committee members,” Mr Fitzgerald said.

The WDHS Hospital Opportunity Shop is currently operating Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm at 59 Brown St, Hamilton.

To support the MRI for U&I Appeal, or for further info, please visit wdhs.net

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