Calling all Lounge Room Legends

Caption: Will Merrin, Amelie Hiscock and Natalie Featherston


Are you aged between 12-25 and keen to showcase your talents for the chance to win up to $300?

The Community 4 Youth Board (C4YB) wants to hear what 2020 was like for you in a one-minute video. You can tell your story any way you like, using dance, comedy, juggling or even mime if that’s your thing.

C4YB member and Hamilton College student Natalia Featherston, says there are many competitions and events that cater for specific arts, like ‘Battle of the Bands. But C4YB wanted to do something different with this comp, which is supported by FReeZA.

“We wanted to offer something to a broad cross section of the community, allowing people to share their skills, whatever they might be.

There are loads of ‘lounge room legends out there’, we can’t wait to bring them all together,” Ms Featherston said.

Will Merrin, Year 9 student at Hamilton College, says each person’s experience of remote learning has been different and everyone has developed different skills through the lockdowns.

“We thought it would be good to provide an opportunity for people to show off these unique new skills and come together with a fun event,” Mr Merrin said.

Amelie Hiscock, Year 7 at Hamilton College, says submitting a video might give people who might not choose to perform live a chance to be included in showcasing their skills.

“During remote learning, there were people who gained the confidence to come forward and perform, or present via the screen, who normally wouldn’t,” says Ms Hiscock. 

Entering the competition is easy. Simply post your 1 minute video to Instagram with the hashtag #sgfloungeroomlegends and tag @Live4life_southerngrampians to be in the running for amazing cash prizes.

1st prize is $300, 2nd prize $200, 3rd prize is $100 and Encouragement awards are $50.

The competition has been extended to Sunday January 10th 2021, so get your submissions in quick.

Video conditions: no explicit language, no drugs/alcohol. Supported by FReeZA.

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