Mens Out and About Program - PDHS

March 8, 2017

Older Victorians living in public sector residential aged care services are encouraged to get involved and participate in their local community thanks to the  DHS Count us in! social inclusion for older people living in residential aged care services 2008-09 grant.

The aim of the Count us in! initiative is to promote and facilitate community inclusion, good health and quality of life for older people living at residential aged care.  A key objective of the Count us in! initiative is to raise awareness of the vast benefits of social  inclusion for all participants and to support a more inclusive life for older people in residential aged care.

Funding from the grant will support community partnerships, strengthen  community and workforce capacity to provide meaningful social inclusion   opportunities for our senior Victorians as social inclusion a shared responsibility.  Residents can improve their health and well-being through reconnecting with their community and to participate in activities that were once a key part of their lives.

WDHS received $28,000 to develop a sustainable men's out and about program with a person centred foundation to provide meaningful programs for male residents.  The WDHS with the assistance of the grant will aim to empower senior Victorians to maintain and strengthen their interests, community connections and engagement  with family, friends and social clubs.  The project will also develop practical resources and tools for other aged care staff and management interested in doing similar programs targeting male residents.

The Men’s Out and About Program is a WDHS initiative which aims at increasing the opportunities for male specific socialisation across the 6 aged care campuses of WDHS. The program is coordinated by a project worker who reports to an executive member of WDHS, and a steering committee of interested community and WDHS members. The program is a 12  month program which will run between April 2009- March 2010

The project aim is to increase social activity for men living in residential aged care facilities by promoting social interaction with other men living in the community and other residential aged care facilities.

Project Objectives:

• To identify men living in residential facilities including level of ability, interests, and previous social activities recognising they are a minority group in residential aged care.

• To develop and provide a scheduled program of activities which enable social activity specific to these interests and reflective of abilities:

- with men living in residential facilities and

- other men living in the community.

• To develop resources and education for Diversional Therapists and other aged care providers on promoting men’s social activities.

2016/17 Program  (Due to circumstances out of control this program may be subject to change)

3rd Monday of each month.

Month Date Activity Venue
October, 2016 17th

Johnny Mullagh Cricket Centre

Museum and Film

November, 2016 21st Aboriginal Cultural Centre Halls Gap
December, 2016 5th Nelson Nelson
January, 2017 16th Barbeque in the Gardens Hamilton
February, 2017 20th Fishing and Fish and Chips Port Fairy
March, 2017 20th Car Rally with Mystery Destination



April, 2017 10th Maritime Centre and Hotel Lunch Portland
May, 2017 15th Classic Cars and Lunch Coleraine
June, 2017  19th Surf Club Port Fairy

August 2016 Mens Out and About:

Minature Railway Club Heywood:

Heywood Minature Railway   Rob Betts enjoying the Minature Railway

In August the mens out and about program enjoyed a lovely day at the minature railway club in Heywood, followed by lunch of bakery food, which they ate whilst they sat in the sun and chatted to each other.

October 2016 Mens Out and About:

Johnny Mullagh Cricket Centre - Harrow.

1st uniform worn by the aboriginal cricket team   Men enjoying the cricket video

A long trip to Harrow to visit the Johnny Mullagh Cricket centre, where the residents enjoyed a short video on the history and story of the cricket museum.  Above shows a photograph of the 1st uniform worn by the Indigenous team.  A very enjoyable but tiring day was had by all.