• Within the Finance portfolio of Western District Health Service, the Manager Finance & Budget oversees the function of finance, payroll, supply and switchboard.  All four departments within this portfolio are constantly engaged with other departments to ensure that strategies and goals of the health service are met. Management of this portfolio attach a high priority to ensuring that these four departments are fully compliant with health service policies and procedures, statutory and legislative requirements.

    The main functions across these four areas include:

    • Financial planning, budgeting and reporting
    • Financial compliance with relevant legislation
    • Daily management of all health service financial aspects
    • Assisting residential aged care residents with all financial matters that relate to an admission into an aged care facility
    • Accurate and efficient transaction processing of accounts payable, accounts receivable and salaries.
    • Processing payroll data to ensure that staff are duly remunerated on an accurate and timely basis
    • Maintaining the Payroll and HR On-Line Portal
    • Maintaining an efficient I-Procurement system
    • Distributing goods and supplies to departments within the health service
    • Provide an effective and efficient switchboard service
    • Directing and assisting patients and visitors who arrive at the health service

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    Key Contacts

    Accounts Receivable:       03 5551 8326

    Accounts Payable:            03 5551 8367

    Cashier:                             03 5551 8283

    Pay Office:                        03 5551 8384

    Supply Department:          03 5551 8244