Smoking Cessation

  • Smoking cessation provides a framework to assist quitting, and informing health professionals and clients of developments in understanding nicotine addiction and the pharmacotherapies available to assist smoking cessation.  The Smoking Cessation Facilitator has completed the ‘Smoking Facilitators Educators Course’ provided by the Lung Health Promotion Centre (LHPC) at The Alfred.

    The Smoking Cessation Facilitator will tailor an individual program for each client wishing to quit cigarette smoking depending on their individual needs.  Services available include the following:

    • Provision of smoking cessation assistance and resources
    • Individual sessions for clients
    • Support and advice regarding Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)
    • Medications (Champix and Zyban)
    • Education including withdrawal from nicotine.
    • How to cope with craving and behaviour modification.

    Education can be also be arranged in the form of:

    • In-services for staff
    • Regional education  to other health care staff
    • Presentations for community groups


    All potential referrals must be discussed with the client/carer and consent must be obtained (this includes internal referrals). Internal referrals are those where the client has never previously used the service being referred to, or has not used the service being referred to in the last 12 months.

    • Internal referrals via Trakcare (only applicable whilst the patient is in hospital)
    • PPH / Shire Referrals via PJB or Service Coordination Tool Templates (SCTT). Receipt of referral will be acknowledged.
    • GP’s, Physicians or other community based services – via email, MR000 Form, SCTT, the Victorian Statewide Referral Form or telephone. Receipt of referral will be acknowledged.
    • Self-referral by any member of the community.


    Last updated: 18 February, 2016