Transition Care Program

  • The Transition Care Program (TCP) at WDHS comprises seven beds. Four beds are used as home or community-based beds and the remaining three are bed-based admissions for the program. The beds are funded by the Department of Health and Ageing.

    The clients GP is responsible for the medical management of the client. The program can be suspended at any stage of the 12 week if the client is unable to fulfil the goals required or if their long term transition is achieved earlier. If a client is admitted back to hospital as an acute patient for a period greater than 24 hours the program will be automatically be ceased as per protocol. Transition care is aimed at preventing hospital readmission post an acute episode.

    Geographical Area of service

    Home-based clients must reside within a 40 km radius of Hamilton. Bed-based clients will be accommodated at The Grange, Coleraine Hospital or Penshurst Hospital depending on availability of a bed.


     Last updated: 24 June, 2016