Intake Coordinator

  • Initial needs identification is an initial screening process where the underlying issues and presenting issues are determined to the greatest extent possible. It is not a diagnostic process but is a determination of the client’s risk, eligibility and priority for service and is a balancing of the service capacity and the client’s needs.


    Initial needs identification will commence at the defined point of access. The initial needs identification process facilitates appropriate acceptance of referrals and identifies the likely level of a client’s need and priority.  It determines a client’s need for services with consideration given to priority, risks, eligibility and the type and breadth of assessment and services to be provided by health independence programs.


    The client has the potential to benefit from early advice, support and targeted interventions designed to optimise their ability to return to, and/or function in, the community.  The process assists clinicians to identify the needs, risks, capabilities, existing supports and eligibility of the client.



    Referrals are accepted from all sources, including enquiries directly from clients.